What it means to be a Penguin Patch Shop volunteer

Being a volunteer during a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop will warm your heart this holiday season. It is so much fun helping the children select gifts for their loved one, teaching them how to stay in their budget and assisting with wrapping each gift. Your favorite part will be hearing all the funny and touching stories of why they selected certain gifts…it’s truly the best part.

What to say to the children when they walk in:

♥ Grab a basket and place your money inside

♥ Point them in the right direction as to where to start

♥ If they forget their money, tell them to shop with their eyes and come back on make-up day

How to help students shop:

♥ Let them look for a few minutes then ask who they’re shopping for

When checking out:

♥ Use the online cash register using your smartphone

♥ Confirm they have gifts for the people listed on their envelope

♥ Ask the students how they chose the gifts for the family

♥ If over budget, help them find items in their price range

♥ If they receive change, make sure their envelope has their name on it

When wrapping:

♥ Have a child write the name on bag before placing item inside

♥ Assist students with taping and stapling the gifts bags shut

♥ Place wrapped gifts in take home bags