There are a few holiday shops out there, why choose Penguin Patch®?

Our goal is to provide the easiest, most seamless experience for your teachers, volunteers and students. So simple and fun, find out why choosing the Penguin Patch® family will become part of your organization, easily handed off from one PTO/PTA leadership team to another, year after year!

Best Price Nobody Beats Penguin Patch's Pricing

Inexpensive Gifts at Kid-Friendly Prices

No Counting Inventory – Honor System®

  • No Inventory Worksheet™!
  • Your invoice is based on the dollars collected, not the number of items sold! (If something breaks just throw it away!)
  • You add up the money collected, Keep your mark-up, and send us the rest!

FREE overnight re-stocks EVERYDAY

All new gifts every year, most of which can only be found at Penguin Patch®!

NO RISK, you pay for what you sell

Loyalty Program for our returning penguins

We design in-house and buy direct

No middle man

I have tried others shops, other shops through other companies, and went back to Penguin Patch. I will use the Penguin Patch for years to come. It is a very simple company to go through.”– Heather, Bear Creek Elementary

Penguin Patch® The Other Birds Shopping on your own
Free Shipping & Supplies Check!
No upfront cost only pay for what you sell Check! Check!
Pre-coded items pricing done for you Check! Check!
Free next day reorders every day Check!
Easy math All prices in quarter increments Check!
PTA/PTO Member Owned and Operated Check!
All new gifts each year Check!
Over 60 personalized items Mom, Dad, etc. Check!
No audit invoice Check!
Loyalty rewards program Check!
No Counting Inventory – Honor System® features No Inventory Worksheet® Check!
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