What is a Holiday Shop?

A Holiday Shop is an easy & fun way for Elementary schools to reach their service project goals. If you are looking for a way to teach children budgeting, problem solving and independence, then a holiday shop is a great fit for your school!



How can a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop Benefit My School?

Provides flexibility to your PTO/PTA Board – you choose the mark-up and the dates that you want to hold your shop

● A variety of gifts for every budget, avoiding the need to shop on your own

● Penguin Patch provides all supplies you will need to have a successful shop – gift bags, budget envelopes, table cloths and a poster to advertise your shop

Earn extra funds to put toward other school needs

● Combine your holiday shop with another school event to make it the event of the year! i.e. Cookies with Santa or Holiday Movie Night

Create a school tradition that students will look forward to every year

● Great way for adults to model teamwork while being active in school events


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