How does a Holiday Shop benefit my school?

Wondering how a Holiday Shop can benefit your school? It’s not just about holiday cheer; it’s also an easy and enjoyable way for elementary schools to achieve their service project or fundraising goals. If you’re looking for a program that imparts valuable life skills to children, such as budgeting, problem-solving, and independence, then a holiday shop has got you covered.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more crucial than ever to reintroduce traditions to our youngsters because creating cherished memories is what it’s all about.

Penguin Patch Shop Benefits:

  • Flexible for Your PTO/PTA Board: You have the freedom to choose the mark-up and the dates for your shop that work best for you.
  • No Inventory Worries: Say goodbye to inventory headaches. No need to count items in or out.
  • All-Inclusive Supplies: Penguin Patch provides everything you need for a successful shop, including gift bags, budget envelopes, tablecloths, and a poster to promote your shop.
  • Boost Funds: Generate additional funds to support other school needs.
  • Elevate School Events: Combine your holiday shop with other school events to make it a highlight of the year. Think Cookies with Santa, Concerts, Holiday Movie Nights, Pictures with Santa, and more!
  • Yearly Tradition: Create a cherished school tradition that students eagerly anticipate each year.


  Step 2 Step by step sponsor handbook, full color, parent letters, posters, budget envelopes and more!      Step 3 Shop Arrives complete with gift bags for each item purchased and tablecloths. Set up for kids and enjoy! So fun & easy  Step 4 Ship unsold merchandise back to us using our prepaid labels that are provided