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How it Works

Penguin Patch Makes It Easy!

Our holiday shop will make your experience FUN and EASY!

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100 plus gifts to choose from

We design new personalized matching gifts every year!

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You give back to your school, so we want to give back to you!

Our Holiday Shop Helps Your School

  • Students LEARN the joy of giving!
  • Students shop for FAMILY & FRIENDS
  • Shop in a SAFE & CONVENIENT atmosphere
  • It’s a FUN & EASY service project for your school that can have a fundraising component

Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop puts the fun in holiday shopping while creating a simple and hassle-free shop for our volunteers.

At Penguin Patch®, we have a No Counting Inventory – Honor System®, free supplies and overnight re-stocks, new merchandise every year and an Exclusive Loyalty Program for our returning schools.

Gifts are inexpensive at kid-friendly prices! Students get the joy of sharing the gift-giving experience where just $10 is enough.

Everyone will find the experience of your holiday shop easy, FUN and especially rewarding.

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