Welcome, Parent/Teacher Groups!

We understand that taking on the role of a PTA or PTO member comes with high expectations. It means juggling a busy schedule filled with kids, jobs, errands, and chores, and you’re a special kind of person for doing it all!

We know you’re seeking a fun and hassle-free event that benefits the school and leaves everyone eager for a repeat. That’s precisely why the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is the perfect fit for schools all across the nation.

How is Penguin Patch Holiday Shop different?

1. Flexibility:

Your team gets to decide how you want to run things. Whether as a Service Project with a 0% or 10% mark-up or as a Fundraiser with a 20% or 30% mark-up, you can tailor it to your students’ needs and your Parent/Teacher Group goals.

2. Convenience:

The shop dates are entirely up to you. Need it right after Thanksgiving? Want it to sync up with a holiday movie night? Starting on a Wednesday to coincide with class parties? No problem!

3. Supplies Are Covered:

We’ve got you covered with everything from tablecloths for gift tables to budget envelopes for students. Plus, we provide online tools to help you market your shop effectively through social media and your school’s website!

4. One-Of-A-Kind Product Line:

Every year, we introduce a brand-new product line in tune with the latest trends that kids will adore. And we make sure there’s something for every budget so that students can find gifts for everyone on their list.

5. Cherished Tradition:

Booking a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is about creating lasting memories! Volunteers relish hearing why students chose particular gift items, and their responses are often heartwarming.

It’s a truly enchanting experience to see our children walk into a beautifully decorated room brimming with gifts for everyone on their list. Parents, teachers, and students eagerly anticipate this event every school year.

Join us at the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop and be part of the tradition that makes school years truly magical.

Start making memories now!

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