The Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is a wonderful opportunity to begin a tradition the students.  There are so many awesome things about hosting a Penguin Patch Holiday shop, but the very best part is having a beloved tradition that the students look forward to each year. It’s so fun to hear older siblings tell their little brother or sister that is in preschool how “when you get to Kindergarten, you will get to go shop too!” The true spirit of the holiday season fills the halls ways and there is just a a sense of wonder all around.

My absolute favorite part is seeing all the creative ways the parent board and volunteers decorate for their shop! The school normally chooses a holiday theme and then ties the shop into it. We have learned so many ideas from our schools such as combining it with another event like Breakfast with Santa or  a holiday movie party. Another fantastic idea is to let the entire school get involved . One school gave ever child a coloring sheet that was winter themed and asked each student to decorate the page and then the parent teacher group hung them up. The ideas are endless, but view some on our website as “Decorate Your Shop” to see ideas from schools nationwide.

We also have a super helpful Facebook Group that has FAQ, examples and fun tips and tricks. Click the link below to join.

We hope you are getting excited about your upcoming shop and that it brings memories to last a lifetime.