Tips for Making Bedtime Manageable

Early Bedtime – Being overly tired is counter productive and makes kids even more restless. Get to bed early and rack up those hours of shut eye.

Wind Down – Spend 30-60 minutes before bedtime in a calm activity. Bath, brush, book and bed should be your mantra.

Offer Choices – Would you like to wear blue PJ’s and Red PJ’s?  Would you like 3 kisses or 5 kisses? Be direct and keep the choices to two options.

Transitional Object – Being separated from mom and dad can be difficult at bed time. Offer a stuffed lovey in your absence. “Mommy has to go to bed too, but your bear will keep you company.”

Set Limits – Children thrive when healthy boundaries are established. Kids will continue to push the limits, so be consistent with the bedtime rules.