The Month of Love

February is the month of love and there is no one we love more than our schools! We sat down with your favorite Penguin Patch Program Representatives to hear what they love about YOU!

We Love Our Schools!


“ I love speaking to the sponsor and hearing all the happy stories after the shop ends. It is awesome to hear how much fun the kids had and how proud they are to pick out gifts for their moms and dads!”

“ My favorite thing to hear is when a school says I am doing it for the kids…I want to make their holidays special and memorable!”

“ I have such a close and personal relationship with each of my schools that I help. It is so nice to be able to help them and truly assist them with making their shop successful.”

“ I just love how one of my sponsors said that the holiday shop brings out the best in everyone each year. It makes everyone smile…the volunteers, the parents, the kids, the teachers…even the principal!”

“ The schools are amazing. The volunteers give so much to the holiday shop and truly want it to be a tradition that the students look forward to every year.”

“ Each school has their unique wants and needs. I love that they feel like they can share their goals with me and then I can find the best way to help them.”

“ My schools always tell me how much they appreciate the free gifts. Watching the kids shop with no worries is so wonderful to hear from the PTA/PTO volunteers.”

“It’s just so cool that all these busy moms and dads volunteer to hold the shop at their child’s school. They are showing selflessness and a big heart.”

“ When my schools call me just to say thank you…it is the best feeling ever! I feel very accomplished and content in my job.”