Teacher Survival Kits- Emergency Stash!

I have to admit…I love this time of year. There are just so many fun things to do when it comes to back to school. Plus, my kiddos and I are suckers for a good tradition. So, every year in August we start looking for ideas for a fun gift for their homeroom teachers. We normally bring it to Meet the Teachers Night, but this year they chose to give it to their teachers on the first day of school.

There are so many cute ideas out there. From homemade gifts to personalized items that can be ordered. My children normally gravitate towards something that has their shows the teacher a little bit of their own personality. They love anything that has a little bit of humor or silliness to it! It is their personal mission to make their teacher laugh or at least smile. So, when we came across this idea, we knew we could have some fun with it.

Drum roll please……My son and daughter both agreed to do the same gift….The Teachers Survival Kit! Basically, this is like a First Aid Kit for the teacher, but it contains way more important things than band aids. We’re talking chocolate, gummies, mints, bubble gum and even a few dollars for a drink from the teachers’ lounge! They can keep it right in their desk drawer for whenever they need a little pick me up. Oh and big relief to me…one shopping trip and completely easy to put together. In fact, both of them put the gift together and I just helped with tying the ribbon & writing the gift tag.

Now it is time to shop! I suggest going to a store that has a good selection of packaged candy. If you happen to already know the teacher, then by all means, get his or her favorite candy. If this is a teacher that you have never met, then simply buy a variety of goodies. Here is what my son and daughter chose for their teachers:

  • Trident Gum
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Starburst
  • Good Bar Minis
  • Krackles Mini Bars
  • Hershey Mini Bars
  • Snickers Mini
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • $5 Cash

You can find the clear, plastic container similar to the one in my picture at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Just make sure it has compartments for separating each candy. Then purchase ribbon of your choice to tie around the box and make it colorful. Purchase a small gift tag to handwrite “Teachers Survival Kit” and leave room for “From: Your Childs Name.” If you want to be really fancy, there are many cute printable gift tags online that you can attach to the survival kit. Then when you’re ready to put the gift together, lay all the candy out and let your kiddos decide where to place each piece and what flavors they think their new teacher will like. They will have a blast putting it together and feel really proud each time they see their teacher sneak a piece. Your child’s teacher will love this useful gift and truly appreciate the time you and your child put into it.

The great thing about the Teacher Survival Kit is that it will always need to be replenished. So, surprise your child’s teacher a few times a year with a refill. Halloween time is great…have your child donate some of their candy!

Oh and don’t forget sampling is a must…quality control is important!

-Melanie Jones –