Service Project – How to Get Everyone Involved

School is in full effect for most of us. So, back to morning meltdowns and busy evenings for teachers and parents! However, there is so much fun to look forward too as well. Teachers, principals and parent groups are always working hard to make sure the students have the best year ever. Now’s the time when schools start looking for service projects and fundraisers that will have a positive impact on the entire school. Most of the time the parent group with work with the principal to find something that is just the right fit. The key to a service project or fundraiser is getting everyone involved. It just makes it so much more fun and more importantly Successful! Here are ways to get everyone at the school excited and turn your service project into a beloved tradition.

Popular with Parents

Parents love all the effort and hard work the school puts into these types of events. After all, it is to help the students with needed supplies or equipment. Parents will jump in with both feet if they have two things…1. Early notice and 2. Flexibility! Parents are willing to help in any way if you tell them well in advance of the event. And when I say early, I mean 6 weeks or more. Everyone is so busy and you have to remember there are working parents and parents with children not yet in school. Also, be willing to bend a little…if a parent wants to help, but can only help for 2 hours a day…take them up on it! Never turn down a willing participant!

Principal Fun

 Make the Principal and Vice Principal the star of the program! Having a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop? Then get them to dress up like a Penguin or Elf and get the kids excited. Doing a Book fair? Have the Principal read to each class before they start shopping. How about a fun run? Have him or her make a bet with the school that they will run the furthest or run wearing their school mascot costume.

Older Students

Utilizing middle school or high school students to get involved at the elementary school level can have such a positive impact on the entire school. This age group is perfect for assisting young children during the holiday shop, book fairs, walkathons and especially carnival game attendants.

Parent Group

The parent group president and supporting members are at the core of these events, but you know what? They like to hang out with their kiddos sometimes too. These wonderful volunteers are so busy behind the scenes that sometimes we forget they like to be in on the fun too. Get everyone involved and make sure these amazing parents get to see their kid participate in the activities too.


The biggest take away is to make it fun and exciting for everyone at the school! Most people love to help and have the talents to do so…you just gotta ask! You can even send out a questionnaire asking what talents and skills we have right here on campus that you can utilize for all your service projects and fundraisers. You will be surprised at what you find out and how it can benefit the school.

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