How to Promote Your Shop

Have the most fun all year long during your school’s holiday shop using our Planning & Promotion tools. We have literally thought of everything when it comes to the holiday shop! We designed a special place on our website just for our schools that will be running the holiday shop. It is so easy to navigate and has tons of useful information to make it simple for all volunteers.  Our super, duper Sponsor section is just flat out awesome, but one of the newest features is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy people!

Post to Social Media!

One of the quickest ways to get the word out is posting on the schools social media sites. Download the pictures on your computer or just save the images directly to your smart phone or tablet. In addition to all the adorable graphics, we also have sample wording that can be copy and pasted. The content that we provide is a spring board for you; edit and make it your own as much as you want. Insert your school name and dates into the post and your done. Another thing you can do is set calendar invites

TV Monitors All Around Campus!

Then next place to display the information would be on the schools TV’s. Display a new graphic each week explaining different exciting things about your shop. This is your opportunity to get everyone in the holiday spirit and get the kids excited. Share the graphic on how students can earn money early on, so the kids can do chores, feed the dog, makes beds, etc. and really feel like they have ownership of the experience.

Send those Emails!

Throw the graphic and some short text in an email and get the word out quickly to parents and teachers. Plus, the teachers or parent can even print it out or screen shot it and refer back to it later.

Print as Posters or Flyers!

All of our graphics can be printed and used as posters or even sent home with each student.

Schools Website

This is the perfect place to use these graphics is right on the schools website. Save the graphics and send them to the schools IT department to upload

There are a ton of ways you can use our pre-made graphics and wording. Keeping everyone involved and informed should be exciting. Remember, you are starting a tradition that students will look forward to and cherish for a lifetime. Make it the best from start to finish. Here is a summary below of things to remember….

Why is it important to promote your shop?

The most successful shops are advertised well in advanced. This allows for parents, students and teachers to be prepared. It also gets everyone in the holiday spirit and the kids will be so excited. Plus, it will ensure you have a great sale for your school.

Where do I use these images and sample text?

Use our super cute graphics on the school’s website, social media, TV monitors and as printables.

How do I get the pictures from this page to my social media page or website?

From your desktop: Select graphic and right click on the image. Click “Save As” to save to your computer.

From your smartphone or ipad: Select the graphic of your choice and hold your finger down on the image until until the “save image” option pops up. It will now appear in your camera roll.

How do I use the sample wording?

Simply copy & paste the sample wording to make it easy or write your own custom message.

How early should I start promoting my shop?

Start posting announcements 4 weeks before your shop starts. This gives parents plenty of time to work with their child on setting a budget. Plus, it will allow teachers to plan for shopping during their school day.