How To Plan A Field Day

Field Day Awards
It can be hard for anyone to stay focused while just sitting indoors all day– especially when it starts warming up outside. A field day is a fun way to give the kids a break from their daily classroom lessons and instead enjoy some exercise out in the spring sunshine! Just follow these 5 easy steps for planning a successful field day:

1. Recruit Volunteers ASAP
Not only is field day a nice break for the kids, but it is for the adults as well! Parents will love a valid excuse to take the day off and spend it with their kids, but make sure to tell them about the event far in advance so they can prepare other arrangements at work. Also, running this event will require many chaperones, so try to recruit as many parent volunteers as possible!

2. Organize By Class/Grade
It’s always a good idea to have an organizational system in place so you can easily keep watch of kids and spot those who may be wandering off. One good way to do this is making t-shirts that are color-coordinated by grade. Or if that’s not possible, maybe assign a color for each class/grade to wear. The point is to just have a quick and easy way to identify the kids that should be with which group.

3. Begin Preparing Early
There’s a lot of different equipment and materials necessary to make the field games happen. Not to mention all the other supplies you’re going to need like snacks, water, sunscreen, first aid kit, etc… This is why it is crucial you begin gathering and preparing everything as early as you possibly can. You can never be too over-prepared when managing a whole field full of kids!

4. Provide Games For All Ages
Obviously, the kids in the upper grades will probably not be interested in playing the same games as the children in kindergarten or 1st grade. Just make sure to plan a wide-range of activities for each grade. If you’re having trouble deciding which games would be best for which ages, maybe try reaching out to the teachers! They will have a good idea of what kinds of activities their classes enjoy doing.

5. Be Ready For Everything
No matter how much detailed planning goes into it, it’s still possible for things to go awry. It could rain out the field day or some volunteers could cancel last minute. Don’t panic. Just try to arrange some backup plans in advance. The kids will have fun no matter what, so try not to stress too much if not everything turns out exactly as planned!

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