Our Sponsors Say the Nicest Things!

At the Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop, we spend a lot of time trying to make sure that our schools, their volunteers and most of all the kids at the school have a great experience every year.  In 2015, schools across the country sponsored a Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop and the best part of what we do each year are the unsolicited comments that we receive from our sponsors on our Facebook page.  Those comments are the best endorsement we could ever receive.  So here are some of the things that we heard from our sponsors and parents about their Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop.


  • This was our first year having any sort of holiday store for our students.  What a success.  We had nothing but positive feedback from teachers, school staff, parents and students.  We will def use Jenny’s Penguin Patch again for next year’s holiday shop.

– Pride Elementary


  • It was a great time and the kids love to be able to shop for their family.  They enjoy picking out the gifts themselves… Penguin patch makes it so easy for you to set up and run the shop.

– Nielson Elementary


  • My 6 year-old daughter had a blast shopping for Christmas gifts at her school.  Unfortunately, the bag containing the gifts was “hidden” and mistaken for trash by my son who was dutifully completing his weekly chores. My daughter didn’t realize it was missing until it was too late.  She was devastated.  In contacted Penguin patch via FB the same day and heard back quickly.  You were so considerate and agreed to replace her gifts and ship them to the school free-of-charge.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and consideration. Thank you again and Merry Christmas.

– Amber S.


  • Signed our school up for next year!  We had a wonderful experience with our first Penguin patch this year.  Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service!  We look forward to working with you in 2016.

– Christy G.


  • My daughter’s school used a Holiday Shop for the first time this year.  They made me in charge and I chose and have been running the shop with Penguin Patch.  I absolutely love them.  The products are cute and inexpensive.  We sold out after a day and a half and they sent us a full reorder that arrived the following morning.  I highly recommend them to anyone.

– Crystal R.


These are just some of nice things that our sponsors had to say about us.  To see more comments go to our Facebook page.  Our sponsor schools are the reason that Penguin Patch® continues to grow every year.  As more schools experience the Penguin Patch each year, we have more and more schools that keep coming back.  Our schools are the best and they make what we do each year incredibly satisfying.