Lesson Plans that Make the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop Even Better

One of the great educational benefits of the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is that it teaches everyday math skills and budgeting. Children have to make determinations about what they are going to buy for each person on their list and if they can afford all of the items they want to purchase.

Now the Penguin Patch has gone one step further by creating an actual series of lesson plans for the classroom called Frontier Enterprise. These lesson plans were developed by an elementary school teacher in Keller, Texas.   Through Frontier Enterprise students learn important business principles and how to apply those principles during the Holiday Shop.

What is Frontier Enterprise? Project based learning that teaches real life budgeting. Frontier Enterprise is an exclusive lesson plan just for Penguin Patch schools! Watch the Frontier Enterprise Video below and learn more from Texas elementary school teacher, Ashley Woods.

To learn more about Frontier Enterprises watch the video below. Call 1-888-577-2824 and ask to speak with one of our Frontier Enterprise specialists!