Art Rock Example

Rock Art Example

Labor Day Family Fun!

I love September! Of course who wouldn’t love a month that starts off with a three day weekend? Labor Day is one week away…Monday, September 2. I am sure your family has some kind of tradition that you do on this day. My family keeps it pretty low key. We sleep in, hit the pool and grills burgers & hot dogs. My kids are mostly just excited about not having to go to school! However, they do look forward to hanging with their cousins and doing either a game or craft. So the week before Labor Day, I begin looking for something fun that all the cousins can do together. I always lean towards something that is appropriate for all ages and when possible, a game or craft that can be done outside…I love any excuse to keep them off of electronics! So, keep reading and check out some of our most families favorite Labor Day activities we have done in the past!

1. Pick Your Seat

Before everyone arrives, I set up a table just for the kiddos. Kiddos in my house means 18 and under…I can’t leave out my favorite teenagers! Then tape a gift card underneath one of the chairs. I normally do a $25 Target gift because you can buy just about anything there. Then after the kids finish up lunch, I tell them to reach under their chair to see who the lucky winner is. Of course these turkeys are smart and try to sneak a peek, in that case I tell them we will play musical chairs if I see any snooping around.

2. Yard Twister

This one was a favorite! Basically, you are spray painting a game of twister on the grass. Just purchase spray paint in different colors and use a cardboard template to paint the circles on the grass. You can use the spin board from a regular boxed twister game or just make one out of cardboard. Be sure to spray paint the day before, so it has plenty of time to dry. Then turn the sprinklers on and watch all the kids crack up! The adults had the best time watching the kids struggle while getting sprayed in the face!

3. Trampoline Chalk Art

There’s nothing to this one, but you do have to have a trampoline. Buy a ton of sidewalk chalk and play games like hang man and tic tac toe. The older kids played MASH…remember that game? If not just google it! Then after everyone is done playing, have one of the kids wash it all off with the water hose.

4. Rock Art

Even the adults participated in this one! Painting smooth rocks has been around for a long time, but it really is so fun and even more relaxing! Collect or purchase smooth rocks that have a pretty good sized surface to them. Then paint with motivational sayings, scenery, animals, sports team or whatever art you want. Then create an Instagram page with a hashtag of your choice. Write the hashtag on the back of your rock with a permanent marker Have everyone take their rocks and place them all around town at parks, in flower beds, next to trees…any public place where someone can spot your artwork. In the bio of your Instagram be sure to tell people to list where they found your rock. Our favorite thing to do it take a few rocks with us when we travel and then leave it somewhere to see how far our rock can travel.

Enjoy! Have fun! Be Safe! The three day weekend is almost here! Yippee!