The Joys of Thanks and Giving

With Thanksgiving being this month, we want to take a moment to reflect on one particularly important ideal that Penguin Patch was built on. It is this; Penguin Patch exists to show kids the joy in giving! This is why we do what we do.

When kids prepare for their shops, they are sharing in the joy of learning about “thanks” and “giving”. We allow kids to learn about these ideas in tangible ways. As kids select gifts they want to buy for loved ones, they are learning about giving. When they are able to bring the gift home to a loved one, they experience this joy that comes from giving. Penguin Patch facilitates this learning experience that is essential for every child.

You can think of creative ways to talk about being thankful or showing gratitude. Something little like talking about the 3 best parts of their day, every day at dinner or bedtime. For their birthday they can handwrite notes for the gifts they receive. Usually a sentence per grade is a good rule of thumb. You can even try to do something a little bigger, make cookies together and then take them to your local police department or drop them off for the office workers at your child’s school.

Let your child experience the joy of giving this holiday season in a safe, educational and fun environment at the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop. Our reasonably priced gift items range from $0.25 to $12 with the majority of items falling between $1 and $4 each. You can join in on the fun by helping your child choose who they will surprise with a gift and suggest ways for them to earn extra holiday money. Better yet, sign up at your school today to volunteer and be a part of this fun and exciting event. When your child gets home, be sure to ask how they selected their special presents, you’re sure to hear a story that will last a lifetime!

Here are a few books for children about thanks and giving. All of these books are great for kids to be reading during the Thanksgiving holiday. For more information check out our website!