How does a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop Work?

How does a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop Work?

If you have never experienced a holiday shop, then let me tell you all the reasons why you need to jump on board now!  We have made this incredibility easy for the parent teacher group by making the program customizable. We offer several different markups, to  meet the specific needs of your students. Even choose a 0% markup and run it as a service project. The shop runs from the end of November- the week before Christmas. Your school can pick any combination of dates, but the most successful shops run for 5 consecutive days.

A Holiday Shop also  is an easy & fun way for Elementary schools to reach their service project or fundraising goals. If you are looking for a program that teaches children budgeting, problem solving and independence, then a holiday shop will check all your boxes. We are on a mission to bring joy & smiles back to schools this year. We know it is more important than ever to bring traditions back to our kiddos because making memories is what it’s all about!

Penguin Patch Shop Benefits:

Provides flexibility to your PTO/PTA Board – you choose the mark-up and the dates that you want to hold your shop

● A variety of gifts for every budget, avoiding the need to shop on your own

● Penguin Patch provides all supplies you will need to have a successful shop – gift bags, budget envelopes, table cloths and a poster to advertise your shop

Earn extra funds to put toward other school needs

● Combine your holiday shop event with another school event  to make it the event of the year! i.e. Cookies with Santa, Concerts, Holiday Movie Night, Pictures with Santa!

● Create a school tradition that students will look forward to every year