How to Have A Successful (and FUN) Holiday Shop!

1. Get Some Excited Volunteers!

Recruit some enthusiastic volunteers to help out with your school’s shop. Engaged and excited volunteers make for a much more fun environment for your students to shop in.


2. Wear Your Awesome Penguin Power Apron During Your Shop

Your Penguin Power aprons will help kids know who to ask for help when they’re shopping. Plus, they look great!


3. Decorate your shop!

Get the kids and volunteers in the holiday mood by making your shop look festive! You can use Christmas lights or tinsel to quickly and easily dress up any room. You could also ask a teacher to assign an early holiday themed craft and use the students’ own artwork as decoration.


4. Announce Penguin Patch is Coming!

Get your school excited for Penguin Patch by making announcements before the shop opens. Get a spot in the PTA newsletter, put up signs around school, and send students home with the parent letters explaining what Penguin Patch is all about


5. Have Your Elves Set Up the Gifts for Your Shop

The more you can get students to participate in your shop, the more engaged they’ll feel and the more successful you’ll be! Not only can this be a great teaching moment, but the kids will also love feeling like they’re part of the shop.


6. Dress Up Like a Penguin

Does your school have a pep-rally coming up? Get penguins out there to drum up excitement! Even just seeing a penguin walking through their school halls will get kids chattering about the holiday shop (and the goofy volunteers!)


7. Play Christmas Music during Your Shop

Keep everyone feeling festive and relaxed by playing some holiday tunes in your shop. There are several places to listen to free Christmas music online, like this Spotify playlist or the iHeartRadio Christmas Station .You could also make your playlist or bring your favorite Christmas album to play.


8. Dress Up While Hosting Your Shop

Get in the holiday spirit and have some silly fun! Get your volunteers to dress up with reindeer antlers, Santa hats, Christmas sweaters, or whatever gets you feeling festive. If your principal is up to the task, you could even get him or her to dress up as Santa!


9. Have FUN and Enjoy Making Kids Smile!