Did you hear about the No Counting Inventory – Honor System™?

No Counting Inventory Claims are not the Same!

There are school holiday shops that claim to have a no counting inventory program. At Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe we hear all the time about the fact that we work off of the honor system and that there really is a difference between our system and our competitors. Check out what other parent’s are saying, here.

The Penguin Patch Holiday Shop “no inventory- honor system” is simple and easy for school volunteers who normally dread having to count each item after a holiday shop ends. Here’s what you do when the Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe ends at your school.

The Penguin Patch No Inventory Program

  • Completely on the honor system
  • You never count anything
  • At the end of the holiday shop box up any unsold inventory
  • Ship it back to us (At no cost to your school)
  • Then simply log in to our website
  • Enter the amount of money collected
  • Click calculate
  • And viola you are done and it is time to enjoy the holiday season

What makes Penguin Patch different is that we make sure the volunteer’s job is easier by saving time.   At the end of the Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe, our goal is simply to make sure that it has been a great experience for the kids at your school and your volunteers.

Other holiday shops will tell you they have a no counting inventory program. But when you dig a little deeper you will find that no counting actually turns into counting in the end. Only Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe uses the honor system.

Call us today at 1-888-577-2824 to learn more reasons why the Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe is the most respected name in the business and why schools come back to us year after year.