Find Your Tribe

Friendships may be one of the most significant and important relationships we have in life.  Friends are family we get to pick, not ones that are picked for us before we are even born.  Friends play such important roles in our lives; they are there when we are having bad days, good days and all the days in between.  Never judging us but always uplifting us and helping us grow in life.  They also even gain a larger portion of importance in your life when you have kids because they become biological aunts and uncles to our kiddos and love our kiddos as their own.

I was always told it takes a village to raise kids and when you find your tribe it would be a game changer in life.  And boy were they right!  Your tribe doesn’t have to consist of friends you have known since your elementary days, they can be moms and dads you just met in the park one day while your kids play or maybe you are at the mall struggling with your kiddos and another mom comes up to help and in an instant you hit it off and next thing you know you have a new member of your tribe.  Don’t be afraid to get out there and find your tribe because you will gain so much when you surround yourself and your family with people who love and care for you and your family.  (Bonus: they make great babysitters for those special date nights.)