Everything You Need for Your Board Presentation

Going to your board can be daunting and a little overwhelming. Luckily we have everything you need make a great presentation and feel confident in explaining why Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop is the best!

How do I Begin?

To begin the presentation to your board the best way to start is to make sure that everyone understands how a Holiday Shop works. Even if the school has done a Holiday Shop previously, there are bound to be new parents.

What you can say: “The Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is dedicated to making the service project experience hassle-free, fun and easy. As a no-risk program, we will only pay for what we sell. No payment is due until after our sale is finished. The Four Step process is super easy: just choose the week and price mark-up, the start-up kit arrives with step-by-step instructions and everything we need to get going, next the shop inventory arrives at our school and then when it’s over we simply login to our website, enter the amount of money collected, and click ‘calculate’, shipping labels are provided and everything!”

For more details on how it works, check out this document.  What is a Holiday Shop?

What’s the Deal?

The next important matter is what Penguin Patch® Holiday Shop offers your school. We design new gifts every year and make sure that our final selection is chosen by our little experts, the kids, and the pricing is signed off on by our panel of moms.

What you can say, “Penguin Patch toys are all kid tested and mom approved. With new designs each year, there is always a great selection of inexpensive gifts at kid friendly pricing. There are even personalized and matching gifts. Plus we can use Penguin Patch® every year without receiving the same gifts!”

For more details on the gifts this year, check out our catalog.  Gift Catalog

Why Penguin Patch?

When it comes to holiday shops,  you have choices, why is Penguin Patch® the best option? Well the biggest difference is our Honor System. When we say no counting inventory, we mean it. No inventory worksheets, no counting, your invoice is based on the money collected not the number of items sold! You add up the money collected, keep your markup and send back the rest. We have free overnight re-stocks everyday. NO risk, you only pay for what you sell. We design our items in-house and buy direct.

What you can say, “Compared to other Holiday Shops, Penguin Patch seems to be our best option. We won’t have to spend time counting everyday and we only pay for what we sell. With no inventory worksheets to bog us down and NO risks because we only pay for what we sell at our shop, they are the best option. Plus there are perks like free overnight re-stocks, easy-to-use online cash register for everyone helping at the shop and the cool loyalty program!”

For more information about how Penguin Patch® compares check out our website.  Competitor Comparison

If there is anything else you need for your board presentation, let us know. Hopefully this guide will make your presentation a little less daunting, good luck!