Candy Cane Grams Available Now!

If your looking for a cute way to spread holiday cheer and raise some additional funds for the school then CANDY CANE GRAMS are a great way to go! The best thing about this is that it can be organized quickly and at the last minute if needed. Often times stores will donate candy canes to the school if you just ask…bring along a cute kid for effect! hahaha You really only need a few volunteers, a table & chairs, pens, candy canes and the cute little greeting cards for students to fill out. I am sure most of you are familiar with what it is, but just in case, here is a brief explanation below.

A Candy Cane Gram is basically a note with a candy cane attached that wishes friends, teachers and staff Happy Holidays! You can design your own, buy them at a craft store or have custom ones made online. Recruit volunteers to set-up in the morning before drop off , at lunch and after school to sell the Candy Cane Grams. Then you can simply place the candy grams in the teachers boxes to be picked up or have the principal dress up like an elf and deliver them!

There are so many cute options online that can be purchased…here is a snippet of one I found. Remember, you can make these at home

Encourage teachers to participate too. It can be really fun to send one to another teacher with messages like “2 weeks until Christmas Vacay!” or “Do you hear what I hear?…the weekend is calling my name!” A lot of times teachers will purchase for their entire class too, which is a really fun surprise for the kids too.

We hope you and your parent group have fun with this idea and enjoys all the holiday spirit at your school this year!