Bulletin Board Decorating Ideas

I love any excuse for decorating and bulletin boards are no exception! It’s so fun to walk the halls at school and see all the fun, creative and amazing ideas that the teachers have come up with. There are so many cute themes that you can use too…from popular movies to traditional back to school ideas. I am going to cover a few really fun and creative ideas that you and your school can use throughout the year. I am also going to throw a couple of ideas out for the parent board as well. It’s a great way to keep upcoming events in front of everyone and another great way to get volunteers!

Use pictures as the focal point

For teachers, snap pictures of your students with your smart phone or even a Polaroid camera. Then simply print and make your students the star of the show. This is awesome for the parent board to do too because then parents & teachers can put a face to the name. One of my favorite bulletin board is taking a picture at the beginning on the year and then again at the end of the year and seeing the growth of the kiddos.

Movie and TV Show Themes

What are the popular shows that kids are watching or what is the hottest movie at the theater right now? Seriously, the options are endless with this one. Disney movie themes and Netflix series are a great place to start.


This is probably the most popular theme I have seen at my school and online in my searches. Many teachers have picked their favorite quotes and made an entire board just from that. Movie quotes, quotes from books or poems are also very popular this year.


Games are also a big trend this year for teachers. Sudoku, word find, eye spy or Where’s Waldo are just a few that are trending this year. Just keep in mind that your board may get a little worn and may need some freshening up.

Words to Live By

Anti-bullying, Kindness and Respect are always good reminders to have all over the school. One idea that I love is having a colorful board that invites students to write positive words that can be added to the board with a push pin. Just attach slips of paper and short instructions on what to write. This can be anything from words of encouragement to how to help a student in need.

Pinterest is a great place to start your hunt. There are so many ideas, templates and graphics that you can print right from home. Of course you can use construction paper, cardboard and even foam to make things pop or give it a 3-d effect. The more creative and colorful the better, as far as, grabbing the students attention.