Back to School

On the last day of school you can hear moms saying, I am so glad school is over.  They are very excited to spend the summer with their kiddos having lots of fun.  But fast forward to the first day of school and you hear all moms rejoicing.  They are excited to not hear the fussing and fighting among their kiddos, excited to not have to try to come up with a new way every second to fill their kiddos’ boredom.   But deep down they are still sad knowing their baby is growing and taking the next step in life.  They are growing up right before their eyes.  They want to capture that first day of school in pictures so they will always be able to look back on that day and remember how little they were.  Below are some fun ideas for back to school pictures.

The happy mom

Yearly back-to-school shirt with hand-prints for every grade







Simple chalk board


Sibling love and when I grow up chalk boards


First year of school