2019 Holiday Shop Wrap Up!

We had so much fun during our 2019 Holiday Shop season and can’t believe it went by so fast! Students from elementary schools everywhere participated in the program and made memories that will last a lifetime. One of our favorite things is seeing all the creative decorations and set-ups from our schools. We have some seriously cleaver volunteers with awesome organizational skills. We can offer many ideas on how to set-up your gift tables, but the best ideas come from our schools. Here are some great ideas on gift set-up…

Separating the different price codes is essential! It will help the volunteers be able to clearly identify the different price codes. Plus, it is a great visual for the kinder kids as to what table or section fits in their budget. We love how all three of these schools did different things, but they were all easy, affordable and cute! School #1 just used blue painters tape, school #2 used streamers and even twisted them to make it festive while school #3 used tinsel!

The gift wrapping station is another big part of our program. The students feel so much pride wrapping their own items and addressing them. We always provide three different sizes and take away bags. We suggest having this be its own separate station get the kids through in an organized manner.  Be sure to have plenty of markers, pens or crayons on hand!










Our take away bags are so helpful! The students can place all their purchases inside the bag, along with any leftover money and tie it up to put inside their backpack.








We LOVE the idea of getting shopping baskets! These schools found these greens one at the dollar store and another school found Santa themed ones at The Dollar Tree. The best part is that they can reuse them each year.












Oh and we can’t forget the new  door cover we supply to our schools. The door cover even has a place to write your shop dates and times, so you can easily keep everyone informed. Write on it, use it as a photo prop or tape a pre-printed sign right on top!

Then of course there is the REALLY fun part setting up all the adorable gifts and decorating the room! Be sure to join our Facebook group to see all the amazing shops and start getting ideas for your school now.

Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is so honored to be apart of each and everyone of our school families. We look forward to bringing this tradition to your school again in 2020!