This is a great option no matter what your school year looks like . . . virtual, in-person or hybrid!

Students can view gifts and shop online from anywhere!

Picking the gifts for family and friends

Students shop online and place orders using our fun and interactive program.

Placing the Order

Students can shop online and place orders securely via our website. Students will shop right from our easy to use website Each school will be provided with shopping instructions and will use their specific school code to login.

Pick Your Dates

Begin your shop as early as October 31, 2020
End by December 7, 2020

We recommend holding your shop during the following weeks to keep things moving along and simple.  Nov 4-16 | Nov. 11-23 | Nov. 16-30 | Nov. 18-Dec. 4

All orders must be submitted no later than midnight on December 7, 2020

∗We will do our best to accommodate late orders, but we want to make sure the students have their gifts before the holidays. This will keep the kids happy and our staff safe! ∗


Students will receive their SPECIAL DELIVERY in the mail along with gift bags, so they can wrap each gift for their family & friends!







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