Halloween Safety!

Trick or treatHalloween should be a fun time for your kids to dress up and get candy. While Halloween can be full of parties and fun, there are also ample opportunities for accidents to happen. Make sure you’re prepared for the holiday so your little ones can stay safe and enjoy it!

Dressing Up

Be sure to test any make up products on your child’s skin before Halloween. Making sure they are not allergic to the product is vital before placing it all over their face and risking a reaction. Make sure that their costume is bright (preferably something reflective) and easily seen by drivers. Look to see that their costume is short enough that they won’t trip on it. The material should be something non-flammable. If possible, prevent them from wearing a mask because masks can hinder full range of vision. If they are carrying a stick, sword or cane that the prop is flimsy and not sharp.


Be sure that your kids eat something healthy before they leave. If you are having a party at your house, put out ample veggies and proteins for everyone to enjoy so they aren’t eating so much sugar. Having low-carb drink options available is also a good way to keep everyone going. Examine all of the treats your kids come home with, watch closely for choking hazards. Avoid eating any homemade treats given by strangers and just stick to the factory sealed candies. You might try scheduling the treats out for the days and weeks to come so your kids don’t fill up on their candy that night and get sick.


Always be careful driving on Halloween. Make sure to take extra long stops at stop signs and stop lights to look and see there aren’t any stragglers. Turn your lights on extra early to see trick or treaters from a distance. Drive slowly and watch for anyone crossing the street. Don’t use your cell phone or get distracted while driving. Do not pass cars that are pulled over, they might be dropping off children.

Trick Or Treating

Make sure that your house is ready for trick-or-treaters. It should be well lit, especially where there are stairs or steps where you can trip. Decorations should be easily visible or not in a place where kids (or parents) can trip over them. Before you leave, talk with your kids about how to call 911 if they get lost and how they should never go into a house or car with a stranger. Only travel in well-lit, familiar areas. A parent should always accompany young children out in the neighborhood. Make sure your child is carrying glow sticks or a flashlight so they are better visible. Look both ways when crossing the street and try to only cross at designated crosswalks.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to have a fun and safe Halloween.