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We are so excited that you have decided to host a fundraising event with Penguin Patch Holiday Shop! We know everyone is ready to bring joy & smiles back to your school this year.

Q: Are there any fees if we have to cancel our shop? A: Fees will be waived if unable to hold due to Covid.

Q:Can we change our dates to accommodate Covid restrictions ? A: You can alter your dates at any time by calling our office.

Q: What if I can’t host the shop inside of the building? A: In warm weather states many schools are able to host it outside in the courtyard or entryway, or even on the playground.

Q: Is there an online holiday shop option? A: Not at this time. The best part about a holiday shop is the experience and students benefit much more from an on campus shop.

Q: What if no volunteers are allowed on campus due to Covid? A: You are not alone! Several of our schools have chosen to use alternatives to traditional volunteers. This has included older students, Librarians, Student Teachers, Bus drivers, and more happy helpers who are already on campus.

Q: What safety precautions can we take during the shop? A: We will provide complimentary gloves and masks if requested. Just let us know how we can help you!


#1 What dates work best for your school?

Quick Tip: You have the flexibility to change your dates anytime.

November 29-December 3, 2021
December 6-10, 2021
December 13-17, 2021


Which Price mark-Up Meets Your Needs? Quick Tips: Run it as a service project or fundraiser#2 Which Price Mark-Up Meets Your Needs?

Quick Tip: Run it as a service project or a fundraiser…it’s up to you!

0% Mark-up ( Service Project)
10% Mark-Up ( Service Project)
20% Mark-up (Fundraiser) *most popular
30% Mark-up (Fundraiser)

 #3 Know Your School’s Enrollment

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