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I had been home sick

I had been home sick with a bad case of the flu when my daughter (stepdaughter) comes home to surprise me with a ‘I love mom’ pin. Made my day 100 xs better!

James B. Rolle Elementary School

Last year my child purchased

Last year my child purchased a big diamond paperweight that said “Mom”. He bought it for my step-mom who has never birthed a child. My stepmother is known for being vocal about not liking gifts. I told Kyle that it didn’t say “wow” but “mom”. He replied, “She’s someone’s Mom!” My stepmom looked at the gift oddly and teared up when I told her the thought behind the gift. She proudly displays it on her entryway table which is not something she would normally do.

Kyle Holmes
Hacker Intermediate

It’s all about the slime!

It’s all about the slime! Alyssa loved the two-toned twist slime in blue. As soon as she walked into the fair, she made a bee-line to the slime saying “Mine!” over and over again and hugging the slime. She also purchased the slimey fun for her 5 year old brother who sat down in the middle of the school gym and played with it right away.

Alyssa Andes
St. Rita School

I love it shopping was

I love it shopping was fun.

Andres Rivas
Mccollum elementary school


SHE WENT WITH $10 AND WAS ABLE TO BUY her brothers and gramma and grampa little gifts and had a little over to buy her something too thank you penquin patch


My Josie was so excited

My Josie was so excited to shop at the penguin patch this year, i got to volunteer so i was so excited to be able to help out and see her getting to shop. She made sure to spend all her money on everyone else, and was especially excited to buy her little sister a unicorn doll because she loves unicorns.
I decided to buy her the mood ring she wanted because she was so unselfish about spending her money on everyone else. She was thrilled. She couldn’t stop talking about it and about how sweet i was for getting it for her and that i didn’t have to buy for her. She has worn that thing everyday and constantly checks her mood.
Which she always says is sooooo happy!

Hackler intermediate school

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Share Your Child's Story of Picking the Perfect Present!

Share Your Child's Story of Picking the Perfect Present!
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The best part of a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop is hearing why your child chose a particular gift. Some stories make you want to cry, while others simply crack you up! We know these stories will last a lifetime.

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