Easiest Holiday Shop Ever…

We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience and make it as easy as possible. We want the Penguin Patch Holiday Shop to be a fun tradition that the entire schools looks forward to. Our program has always been easy, but we have made some really, cool improvements that we just know that you will LOVE!

One of the most important things you have to do once you decide that a holiday shop is right for your school is to get the word out. PROMOTING your shop is so important because you want to get everyone excited. Parents will want to know details, teachers will want to schedule class time and students will be curious as to when it’s their turn. One of the easiest ways to keep everyone informed is using social media. Most schools have their own Facebook and/or Instagram page that you can post all kinds of details on.  So, we made a ton of adorable graphics and sample wording for you to use. We have literally made a graphic for everything to do with your shop…from 4 weeks before to the very last day. These graphics are easy to find and download from your very own sponsor page that we provide you with. My favorite way is to login in from your phone and just save the images to your photos, then all you have to do is upload the picture to your schools social media pages, copy and paste the wording we have provided and you are done!


Tables getting bare during your shop or are there some items that are really popular with the kids? No worries! You can place REORDERS online and have them the next day when your shop opens. All you need to do in login to your sponsor site and click on reorder. From there it will bring up every gift in your shop. You can search by the item number or a picture of the gift is provided and you simply enter in how many you need.


Our most favorite feature is our ONLINE CASH REGISTER! Seriously, it is A M A Z I N G! My favorite way to use it during a shop is to just have it right on my iPhone. Now, here is the really cool part….because you can pull it up on a phone, tablet or laptop you can have as many “registers” as you want for the students to check out. A lot of times these sweet kiddos will come up to check out and their eyes were WAY bigger than their budget. If you are adding up items on a register or calculator, then you have to clear everything out and completely start over. If you use our online register, you can simply remove each item that they choose to put back and it recalculates the new total. Also, your mark-up is already included in the register. It is programmed specifically for your school…isn’t that the coolest?

Your shop is complete and your ready to close out the sale…guess what? You can CALCULATE YOUR SALE right from your phone too. You and your team can enter daily deposits into our online system or just add it all up and enter it on the last day. To make it even easier, we now how online payment via ACH.


If you haven’t experienced a Penguin Patch Holiday Shop at your school now is the time! We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier and more fun! We also love hearing from all of you if there is anything we can do to improve, so please feel free to give us a call or email anytime!