Hosting a Christmas Shop Fundraiser allows your PTA/PTO to raise money while teaching your child the joy of giving each Christmas season!

Every year 91% of schools that used Penguin Patch holiday shops sign up for a Penguin Patch Shop again the next year. As many parents tell us, the reason why we are recognized as the Best Holiday Shop is due to how easy we make running a holiday shop for busy parents.

As one parent put it, “My girls love Penguin Patch every year. They always have fun and affordable items for the kids.” — Rachel Hardrich.

With gifts available starting at just $0.50 and going up to $15, Penguin Patch is a Christmas Shop Fundraiser with gifts affordable at any budget. Penguin Patch started with a simple idea in mind, allowing kids to experience the joy of giving.

Why PTO/PTA Boards Adore Penguin Patch Holiday Shops:

  1. Empowering Flexibility: Take the reins! You decide the mark-up on gifts and choose the shop’s ideal dates, giving you the power to tailor the event to your community’s needs.
  2. Gifts for All Budgets: No need to run around searching for presents. Penguin Patch offers a diverse range of gifts, ensuring there’s something for every budget, making your shop a one-stop destination.
  3. Comprehensive Support: Penguin Patch goes above and beyond by providing all the essential supplies for a successful shop, including gift bags, budget envelopes, table cloths, marketing materials, social media posts, and eye-catching posters to promote your event. We’ve got your back!
  4. Earn extra funds to put toward other school needs through our rewards program

If you’re interested in bringing the best Christmas Shop Fundraiser in the United States to your school, sign up here.