What is a Holiday Shop?

Holiday Shop

A Holiday Shop allows students to shop for their family during school hours.  At a Penguin Patch Holiday Shoppe, students can easily purchase five or six inexpensive gift items for their loved ones.  It’s one of the few times $10 is more than enough.

Children gain a sense of independence and pride, saving families time and money.  We offer a large selection of matching, inexpensive, personalized gifts at kid-friendly prices. Our unique no-counting inventory program and online check-out process makes it easy for volunteers to help each child select the perfect gift. We are owned and operated by a former PTO/PTA Officer and all of our gifts are kid-selected and Mom-approved! Check us out as seen in PTO Today.

How it Works

We are dedicated to making your experience HASSLE-FREE, FUN and EASY. As a no-risk program, you only pay for what you sell. No payment is due until after your sale is finished. There is no inventory to count when the shoppe arrives and no counting inventory when it’s over. Re-orders can be placed every day throughout the duration of your shoppe and are delivered the next day.

Step One

Choose Your Week & Price Mark-Up

  • We have a schedule that accommodates your school
  • YOU choose how much money you want to make
  • Penguin Patch will code all of your gifts based on your mark-up

Successful schools run their shoppe as a service project for 5 days.

Step 2

Start-Up Kit Arrives

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Step-by-step sponsor handbook
  • Full-color parent letters for all students
  • Posters for your school
  • Budget envelopes for all students
  • Stickers for the kids
  • Tablecloths and much more!

Our Sponsor Handbook offers checklists to make your job easy.

Holiday Shop

Your Holiday Shoppe Gifts Arrive

  • NEW gifts arrive that are coded based on your price mark-up
  • “To/from” gift bags for each gift
  • “Thank you” bags for children to carry their gifts home

Play Christmas music in the background to create a festive mood.

Step 4

Close Out Shoppe & Return Unsold Gifts

  • Simply log in to our website
  • Enter the amount of money collected
  • Click calculate

Use our online system to place daily re-orders, track shipments, calculate your bill and more!